• All Chairs
    <p></p> <p>Here you can find all the chairs we currently sell. Every chair is specially made for every any body type or any type of helm.</p> <p>most chairs are available in:</p> <ul><li>Cloth</li> <li>Skai</li> <li>Leatherette</li> <li>Leather</li> </ul><p>And ofcourse any mixture of these fabrics.</p>
  • Pleasure boat chairs
    <p>These chairs are affordable and perfect for yachts or any other pleasure boat. </p>
  • Recaro
    <p>Everyone knows the Recaro brand, it is one of the best known brands of chairs in the world.<br />In the maritime sector, the Recaro is a well represented firm.</p> <p>We are one of the few authorized dealers in the Netherlands.</p>
  • Pörtner
    <p>Quality, reliability and ergonomic design feature <strong>Pörtner's</strong> product philosophy and made the brand popular in many parts of the world.</p> <p>The modular principle allows an easy configuration of customised chair-systems because most parts are interchangeable.</p>
  • NorSap
    <p>Norsap delivers the most advanced chairs for the maritime market.<br />The Norsap pilot seat is manufactured in Norway and are characterized by the robust frame / chassis and sleek design.</p>
  • Cleemann
  • Notus
  • Zwaardvis
    <p>Zwaardvis has a very extensive range and almost all parts are also sold separately.</p>
  • ISRI
  • Hydromar
    <p>Deze zeer hoogwaardige onderstellen en sledes uit voornamelijk RVS zijn uniek in de onderstellen series.<br />Met een Hydromar onderstel of rails geeft u uw stuurstoel net dat beetje extra. <br />Degelijk maar tevens zeer stoer. Hydromar wordt veel toegepast op jachten en binnenvaartschepen.</p>
  • Parts
  • Chair chassis
  • Rails

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